What Is Health Information Technology?


Greetings! You have found the first post for a new site to help you get started or advance in Healthcare Information Technology! HealthcareITSkills.com was launched in 2014 to help people who are wanting to learn more about Healthcare Information Technology. While a lot of other Healthcare IT sites focus on issues that Executives care most about, this site is intended to help beginners and those with maybe a little Healthcare knowledge. The motto here is “Healthcare IT From The Ground Up”.

So, what is Health Information Technology? It is simply the application of technology to Healthcare services. Here are some of the many examples where technology is used in Healthcare:

  • Software on a doctor’s office PC for charting medical visits
  • Software hosted on central servers for supporting large hospital systems
  • Medical devices such as insulin pumps, EKG machines, and ICU life support systems
  • Integration software and services to facilitate the exchange of clinical data among many technologies
  • Data analysis tools to help providers to know how well patients are managing their health

Why do we need Healthcare IT? People are living longer, and due to the aging baby-boomers, there are simply more people who continue to need healthcare services. Unfortunately while folks are living longer, they are not always living better, especially in the US. Healthcare professionals are increasingly turning toward technology in just about every area. Most technology solutions have the ultimate goals of:

  • Increasing patient safety
  • Providing useful data to better care for patients
  • Providing tools that patients have come to expect that help them manage their health and communicate with Healthcare providers.

Some people would say that a goal of Healthcare IT is also to lower costs. While there are some cases where productivity is increased and money is saved, I have to be honest and realistic in acknowledging that technology is expensive! There’s no way around that. I expect that’s why you’re here. As I am, you want to be one of those people with the high-paid skills needed to implement and support Healthcare technology solutions.

You may have also observed that Healthcare IT tends to be resistant to recession. Even in tough economies, healthcare organizations look to new technologies to provide better care and information to the patient population.

Next, is the really good news for you and me. There have been several research reports indicating a future Healthcare IT shortage as many healthcare entities look to update their technology to keep up with consumer expectations and Government mandates. Here is a graphic that shows the increased use of technology in Healthcare and the workforce demand to support it:

If you haven’t already, please have a look at the Getting Started page on the site to learn more about this amazing industry. There you will learn about how this industry is structured and be directed to more resources and blog posts that cover technical skills, process and project knowledge, and inside tips.
Thank you so much for checking out this new site and reading my first post on Healthcare IT opportunities. I believe I will bring value to those who are trying to break into Healthcare IT. You can always contact me through the form on the contact page, or send me a Tweet @HealthITSkills.

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What Is Health Information Technology
What is Healthcare IT? Healthcare Information Technology is an excellent career choice with high salaries, endless opportunities, and a sense of purpose.
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