Change Control Procedures – Information Technology Change Control, IT Change Management

information technology change control, IT change management

The Information Technology department of many hospitals likely supports a hundred or more applications: everything from the electronic badge system for clocking in, lab software, pharmacy software, all the way to critical monitoring software for patients in the ICU. At any given time, any number of these systems may be in the process of major or minor upgrades, bug fixes, feature changes, and configuration changes. At the end of the day, responsibility for the success of these systems lies with the application analysts, their managers, and ultimately, the Chief Information Officer (CIO)

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Who Is The Physician Champion?


The Physician Champion is a physician who has chosen to take on the role of liaison between a group of clinical users and the technical staff who implements technology. They are critical to the success of complex clinical technology projects…

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The Indispensable Project Management Skill

The indispensable project management skill

In my years of implementing and supporting Healthcare technology, I’ve found that Scope Management is one of, if not the most important disciplines to practice. Simply put, Scope is the definition of exactly what is to be delivered to the customer. It also outlines what is not to be delivered, referred to as “out of scope”…

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