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Epic Systems Modules

Epic Systems Modules, Epic Hyperspace

One of the reasons why Epic Systems has become the technology leader in healthcare organizations is that they have built an integrated platform for almost all areas of care. When Epic sees the need to advance technology in a new specialty, let’s say Eye Care for example- they take the time to develop what they call “modules”, built on the same platform and data structure as all of their other products.

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Clinical Application Specialist/Analyst

clinical application analyst

One of the hottest jobs in Healthcare IT for several years now has been the Clinical Application Specialist. When a Healthcare IT vendor signs a contract to implement a given system for a Healthcare network, they rely on their client’s Clinical Application Specialist to plan, implement, and support clinical software systems.

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Top Medical Device Companies

top medical device companies

In a hospital IT department, it’s important to have an understanding of the medical devices that are being used in your organization. Many of those devices communicate data to and from many other systems, including electronic medical records. IT staff will work with the device engineers and Biomed technicians to configure communications settings, validate data, and refine workflow tasks.
While most of the companies covered here have operations and products outside the device area (sometimes many), some don’t have much of a connection to a hospital IT department.

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What Is An SME?


What Is An SME? A Subject Matter Expert in Healthcare IT provides support and advocacy for the end-users of clinical software. They are important members of software implementation projects. Becoming a SME can help your career…

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Clinical Systems Analyst


I’m excited today to give you a career highlight on one of the most important jobs in a Healthcare IT department, the Clinical Systems Analyst. The way this job is packaged may vary from one organization to another. Some organizations may consider the Clinical Systems Analyst to be someone who works with systems from a high level architecture angle. This differs from an Applications Analyst, who implements, supports, and trains clinical systems, but does not work much with the underlying architecture. In other organizations, we may be talking about more of a Systems Administrator, who is responsible for the implementation and support of core technical infrastructure. Let’s look at both approaches.

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Get a job in Healthcare IT


There’s no denying that Healthcare Information Technology is one of the hottest industries in the U.S. right now. Healthcare delivery networks just about everywhere are responding to a number of factors which drive them to adopt new technologies…

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What Is Health Information Technology?


Greetings! You have found the first post for a new site to help you get started or advance in Healthcare Information Technology! was launched in 2014 to help people who are wanting to learn more about Healthcare Information Technology. While a lot of other Healthcare IT sites focus on issues that Executives care most about, this site is intended to help beginners and those with maybe a little Healthcare knowledge. The motto here is “Healthcare IT From The Ground Up”.

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