Cerner Wins DoD Contract


At last, the long-awaited announcement has been made for the Department of Defense EHR replacement. Cerner has taken the prize, estimated to be worth $9 Billion over 18 years. Many had expected Epic to win. Here are some things we can expect to see.

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Internet Of Things In Healthcare | Apr 26, 2015


In case you haven’t heard the term “The Internet of Things” (IoT); it is defined as the connection of objects, people, or even animals to networks to transfer data in an attempt to provide new and enhanced features. When the ‘regular’ Internet came into commercial maturity in the 1990’s, we heard outrageous predictions of toasters and other household appliances coming to life, essentially turning us all into mindless slaves to devices.

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Scripps Health And Epic | Apr 04, 2015


Ending rumors from the past couple of years, Scripps Health of San Diego announced that it will install Epic throughout its five hospitals and more than 25 clinics. For their inpatient space, Scripps had previously installed GE Centricity Enterprise, formally known as the IDX LastWord system. Outpatient clinics have been running Allscripts. Like other clients who have chosen Epic, Scripps expects to benefit from a single integrated record and database across all care environments.

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