Learn About Health Information Technology

Healthcare Information Technology is a big deal! Healthcare organizations are adopting new technologies to better analyze healthcare data, to improve patient care, and to provide patients with the health information they need. This all needs people who have the skills to pull it off; and here is where you can begin to build those skills.

how to get epic certified go-live-support jobs

How To Get Epic Certified; Epic Systems Certification and Proficiency

If you've been in Healthcare IT for any amount of time, you know that Epic Systems is a major player in enterprise-wide EHR and clinical software. Their solutions ...
it systems architecture software configuration

IT Systems Architecture/Software Environments and Configuration

When an organization purchases or develops an IT system, that system is set up with various “copies” or instances of those systems. The copies of the delivered software ...
great things about working in healthcare it

Seven Great Things About Working In Healthcare IT

Life is too short to spend on a job that you either hate, or one that doesn't give you the sense that you're doing something to make the ...
entry level information technology jobs, entry level healthcare it jobs

Entry Level Information Technology Jobs In Healthcare IT

If you're looking to learn about entry level information technology jobs, this is the post for you. Yes, this is a Healthcare Technology site, and maybe you're wondering if ...

  • What Is An SME? Subject Matter Expert
    What Is An SME? A Subject Matter Expert in Healthcare IT provides support and advocacy for the end-users of clinical software. They are important members of software implementation projects. Becoming …
  • What Is A Bidirectional Interface?
    What is a bidirectional interface? Explains the concept using the example of an immunization registry, labs, and medication dispenses.
  • Healthcare IT Certifications 2018
    Healthcare IT certifications for 2018. Check out the top certifications that can help you jump start your technology career in 2018.
  • What Is A Legacy System?
    What is a Legacy System and why should you care? This can be your first break into healthcare IT.
  • Social Media Tips For Healthcare IT
    Can social media really help you get a job in healthcare technology? You bet! Pick up some tips here for your healthcare IT job search.

Healthcare IT From The Ground Up

HealthcareITSkills.com was launched to help people begin or advance careers in Healthcare Information Technology. It is mainly focused on the needs of those who are not in upper management. There are plenty of Healthcare IT sites targeted toward executives, but not so many that help you understand the nuts & bolts- the foundational skills that are hard to grasp if you’re not already in the Health Information Technology sector. A good place to look first is the Start Here page, where you can find a few Healthcare IT statistics, learn where the best jobs are, and learn how a hospital IT department is structured. If you lack technical skills, you can check out the Technical Skills Category for posts that will give you a good start.