Alert Fatigue


Alert fatigue in Healthcare is a symptom of improperly configured technology systems that present excessive, false, or irrelevant warnings, leading users to mentally tune them out over time. This can lead to dangerous outcomes for patients and clinical users…

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Who Is The Physician Champion?


The Physician Champion is a physician who has chosen to take on the role of liaison between a group of clinical users and the technical staff who implements technology. They are critical to the success of complex clinical technology projects…

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What Is Population Health?


So, what is population health? It’s no secret that Healthcare in the US has under-performed against our modern peers in spite of spending vastly more than other developed countries. Part of the problem has been that providers get paid for services delivered as opposed to the outcomes of patients who they care for. So when Congress and the President were working on Health Reform in 2010, one of the main components was the creation of a new entity called an Accountable Care Organization (ACO).

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